Who We Are

Paul Higgins

Paul Higgins is the Founding Director of All Star Security UK Ltd.

Paul has cemented his status at the forefront of the industry, providing services at the highest level for more than twenty years.

His experience of Security Provision, Personal Protection and the complexities of effective Security Service Co-ordination is unsurpassed, affording him an invaluable insight into how best to meet all clients’ security-related needs and concerns across all sectors.

Furthermore, Paul’s well-documented credentials within the Music, Entertainment and Touring sectors have given him access to a unique network of relevant contacts, business relationships and professional associations, handsomely reflecting his long, distinguished (and often very public) career.

Edward Burridge

Edward Burridge is a Director of All Star Security UK Ltd.

Edward is a highly-motivated and highly-accomplished Security consultant and co-ordinator, with an extensive background in both Planning and Operations.

His operational experience spans a broad range of protection and risk management work, over six continents and more than a decade, making Edward equally driven and capable, whether in a team environment or when working independently.

As a discerning Close Protection Team Leader and an Advance Security specialist, Edward is adept at liaising with client management bodies, and relevant third parties and agencies, across a variety of professional sectors in order to provide a top-tier service with tact, discretion and total focus.