In the current climate, ‘Threat’ is a very real factor in the choices we make.

As individuals or as organisations, the pace at which we live, work, travel and communicate has seen security requirements – and their impact on our routines – increase exponentially. These risks, however large or seemingly small, are as diverse and immediate as every other facet of our modern lifestyles.

To ignore this fact is dangerous.
To allow these obstacles to sabotage your success, or thwart your ambitions, is not an option…

All Star has provided top-tier Security Consultancy, Close Protection services and Touring solutions for over two decades.

We practice and promote a dynamic, proactive and intelligent approach to all tasks, and – regardless of scale or duration – tailor our work to the requirements of each client in order to meet (and even exceed) expectation.
Flexibility, and adaptability, are key in accommodating the ever-evolving needs, preferences and sensitivities of those whom we represent, and we pride ourselves on delivering personalised strategies that centre around the client, not around the problem or environment. In our experience, effective solutions for service provision can never be based on generic templates – no two clients are ever the same, and no two days are ever the same.