Special events, public appearances, promotions and exclusive functions are invariably the product of meticulous thought and planning.

By their very nature, they look to ‘create an impression’, be it to the general public and associated international press, or to an exclusive, targeted or very private audience.

Here, All Star’s experience in event strategy and service delivery permits us to offer invaluable input from inception through delivery, task completion and beyond – always with total professionalism and seamless integration and/or cooperation with clients and numerous third parties.

In these diverse environments, whilst the client’s security requirements are paramount, we understand the importance of appropriate interfacing with attendees and the public, both directly and indirectly, and teams conduct themselves accordingly.


The significance of thorough Crowd Management is often overlooked.
Enabled by current tech-culture, instant, global communication has taken crowd creation, density and migration to a whole new level.

Crowd safety solutions need to be strategic, meticulously planned and dynamically flexible – not only to maintain the safety of those in attendance, but also to best serve the client and their event.
In addition to this mandatory attention to detail, ‘people skills’ are as relevant as ever: from planning phases and third party/agency liaisons, all the way through to implementing event protocols on the day.
Discretion, presentation and courtesy are prerequisites for All Star teams and representatives, whatever the occasion – from local, private functions to global red carpet events.