Protection strategies have rarely been as prevalent, or as complex, as they are today. ‘Safety and Security’ encompass so much more than many choose to acknowledge.

Unprecedented levels of access to information and communication in recent years has made the world a much ‘smaller’ place.
Whilst this can be a huge asset, it also presents an evolving threat matrix.

Current emphasis on image and brand is as relevant to today’s overall protection requirements as personal safety arrangements and, here, All Star’s expertise is well documented. In an age where reputations can be so quickly, and significantly, affected, there is no room for assumptions or complacency.

We are highly experienced in operating under extraordinary levels of media scrutiny and intrusion (via both press and public channels) – and are as equally well-versed in securing principals in overt, high-profile public appearances and red-carpet events, as we are in maximising a client’s discretion, ‘normality’ and levels of privacy, when required.

All Star operate on the understanding that knowing how to engage appropriately with the client/principal, often in testing environments, is as crucial to delivering a functional and effective service as any other variable.
We pride ourselves on delivering a top-tier, professional service with a distinctly personal touch: Forever Attentive, Never Intrusive.